Pure Origins: Bracelets

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The Pure Origins by Sea Gems range of silver bracelets is a firm favourite here at Rue B of York. Sea Gems are a small company based in Cornwall and they draw inspiration from the British countryside and the cultural heritage of the UK.  The Pure Origins collection is full of natural imagery such as birds, flowers, trees and  acorns. The Celtic Lands collection by Sea Gems has an array of designs based on ancient Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh artwork. 

We love their bracelet collection which features popular sterling silver daisy and bumblebee motifs. 

The mix of traditional and contemporary design makes Pure Origins jewellery a fantastic gift for all ages and styles.

All jewellery in this range is 925 hallmarked sterling silver.

Why choose 925 sterling silver jewellery? We recommend sterling silver to everyone because it is durable, easily cleaned, naturally hypoallergenic and nickel-free. All this and at great affordable prices!

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