Flowers & Trees - Sterling Silver

Flowers & Trees - Sterling Silver

Flowers & Trees - Sterling Silver

Sterling Silver Jewellery: presented here our beloved floral range of sterling silver jewellery. This collection is filled with 925 sterling silver designs inspired by the natural world and the British countryside. This range includes some of our most popular pieces.

Flowers have been traditional to give to loved ones for centuries. Why not give the gift of a flower that will never fade with a piece from our sterling silver floral collection.   Our sterling silver range has an array of flower designs including lilies, daisies, daffodils, snowdrops and acorns.

We have floral jewellery created by all of our designer-lead ranges.  Aviv and Banyan flowers are notable for their opal-studded designs and Pure Origins flowers are  decorated with gold, brass and floral designs.

All jewellery in this category is 925 hallmarked sterling silver.
Pendants are sent with an 18" chain, but shorter styles are available upon request.

Please ring us with any size queries and we will be happy to help. Top tip! When buying a chunky ring, choose a size one larger than you normally would. We also have a handy blog post that offers advice on finding your ring size. Click the link here to work out your ring size.

And of course, be sure to regularly check our sterling silver clearance section! We are always adding end of the line items at great prices and you are sure to find a bargain that you'll love.

We are regularly asked the best way to care for and clean 925 sterling silver jewellery. At Rue B, we recommend that you store your jewellery carefully in a box when it is not being worn, and that you never sleep in your jewellery; this prevents earrings and chains from being pulled upon and tangled or snagged. AVOID direct contact with perfumes and lotions- wait for these sort of toiletries to dry before putting on your jewellery. Always remember: Jewellery should be the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off. If the lustre fades, simply polish with a soft silver cloth to restore shine. We don't recommend using silver dip as this can be quite harsh, but if you do use a dip, never use it on plated or gemstone pieces of jewellery, and always rinse in water thoroughly twice after dipping. If jewellery is worn regularly, you will notice that it doesn't need cleaning so often because the natural oils on your skin will keep it clean.

 All Silver comes in a lovely Rue B Gift Box

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