If you love to break away from the status quo, you will LOVE Ruby Olive! Ruby Olive is a jewellery designer from Australia and this collection of jewellery is exclusive to Rue B in the UK.

Gorgeous Ruby Olive jewellery is made of hand-poured resin by artisans (Each bead is individually poured, sanded, polished, drilled and strung), so every piece is unique.

Ruby Olive is on a mission to create an ethical sustainable range of eco-led jewellery that is stylish and fun, injecting joy into every look!

This jewellery range uses unusual textures and bold colours to create distinctive styles that you will love. Many of their necklace designs have an adjustable length, and are often reversible, allowing you to create dozens of looks to suit your mood.

The artisanal RO range is made by using a very hands on method, which leads to the beautiful differences in each piece. Essentially each colour of resin is drizzled into a tub, until layers of swirls and intricate patterns are born, then the tray dries and the beads are cut out from the big piece. The layered effect of some pieces is created by the layers of colour being poured one by one into moulds, and left to dry before adding the next layer. It creates a beautiful striped or “egg” effect depending on the angles of the mould.

As with all jewellery at Rue B, every piece is NICKEL-FREE

CARING FOR YOUR RUBY OLIVE JEWELLERY: It's recommended that you keep your Ruby Olive products clean and dry particularly if wood as water, perfume, hair spray and moisturiser can sometimes cause them to discolour and rub off onto other fabrics. To bring your jewellery back to life you can use a small dab of natural bees wax or polish to buff wood items and a vegetable based oil for resin items.

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All Rue B  necklaces and jewelery are nickel free!