Sterling Silver Jewellery

Sterling Silver Jewellery

What is Sterling Silver Jewellery Made Of?

Pure silver is far too soft and malleable to function as jewellery. Instead, sterling silver jewellery is weighted with 92.5% silver (which is why you'll often find the phrase '925 silver' as a hallmark), with the other 7.5% made up of plain hypoallergenic metals.

Why Choose Sterling Silver Jewellery?

There are numerous reasons to choose sterling silver pieces as your jewellery of choice.

  • It's durable. When looked after properly, it can last for generations. Many people are able to attach a great deal of sentimental value to sterling silver jewellery thanks to it's longevity.  
  • It's beautiful no matter your taste. Whether you enjoy timeless, classic and elegant pieces or have a cute and quirky sense of style, you're guaranteed to find something you love.
  • It's always on trend. Jewellery designs may change season to season, but sterling silver always graces catwalks
  • It's affordable as sterling silver prices fluctuate nowhere near as much as gold does. Sterling silver pieces can often be glazed with a gold coating, making a great alternative to expensive solid gold jewellery.
  • It's easy to look after. There are a great deal of silver cleaning options out there to ensure your jewellery stays looking brand new. 
  • There are a great deal of finishing touches available. There are many different silver finishes for silver depending on your need- matte, shiny, oxidised and mixed metal, to name but a few. Designers also include crystals, pearls and semi-precious stones in their pieces. 
  • It's hypoallergenic. Sterling silver is perfect for even the most sensitive of skin. 

How Do I Care For Sterling Silver?

If you find yourself neglecting your sterling silver jewellery for fear of tarnishing or damaging the metal itself, have a read through this handy guide for tips on how to care for your sterling silver, and how to polish it up if the worst does happen. Silver tarnishes when it comes into contact with oxygen or sulphur in the air, and will tarnish faster in warm, humid or polluted environments.  Tarnish can appear on sterling silver as a gold or coppery colour, or in extreme cases can become black and can greatly alter the appearance of your jewellery. Luckily caring for silver and cleaning away tarnish is very simple. Note: some sterling silver is deliberately 'oxidised'. Sterling silver jewellery with intricate detailing is often part-oxidised intentionally by the silversmith in order to make the decoration really stand out. Oxidised sterling silver looks dark, even black in colour. Look for descriptive terms such as 'oxidised' or 'vintage style' when shopping.  Preventative Care
  1. Wear your sterling silver jewellery! Yes, it's really that simple. It may sound counter-intuitive, but the more you wear your jewellery, the less chance you have of tarnish appearing- the natural oils in your skin will keep the jewellery clean and protected from oxygen and sulphur in the air.
  2. Avoid exposure to chemical products. This can be anything from household cleaners to hair care products and cosmetics. Make sure you take your sterling silver jewellery off before you use anything that may irritate the metal.
  3. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight. Bright and warm sunlight will tarnish your sterling silver relatively quickly, so when you're not wearing it keep it in a cool, dark and dry place.
  4. Take your sterling silver off when coming into contact with water. Whether you're washing the dishes, having a shower or taking a swim, it's best to remove all jewellery.
  5. Don't sleep in your sterling silver. Sleeping in sterling silver leaves the jewellery vulnerable to tarnish and irreparable breakages.
  6. Make sure your sterling silver is the last thing you put on, and the first thing you take off.  This avoids an annoying situation in which earrings or necklaces get broken after catching on your clothes.
  7. If you use make up, hair products, perfume, body lotion or fake tan make sure these products are completely dry before you put your jewellery on.
  8. Store your sterling silver jewellery the right way. Exposure to air makes sterling silver susceptible to tarnish so it's best to keep your sterling silver in airtight bags or containers. Avoid storing multiple pieces of jewellery together and keep bracelets and necklaces unclasped to avoid scratch marks appearing on your silver.
Cleaning Silver
  1. Polishing silver regularly is a great habit to get into and is the safest way to get rid of mild tarnish. This is also the best method for oxidised silver and sterling silver with gold, rose gold, brass plating, and semi-precious stones as it does not interfere with these components. You can purchase special silver cloths from most home-ware retailers, or use a lint-free microfibre cloth. Make sure you are gentle with your polishing- being too vigorous may cause irreversible damage to the sterling silver. Use long, light stroking motions that go in the same direction as the grain of the silver.
  2. NO MATTER HOW TEMPTING, DO NOT USE A SILVER DIP. Silver dips contain chemicals which are harmful to animals and the environment, and can be fatal to humans when inhaled or used in a poorly ventilated area. Commercial silver dips are also corrosive to sterling silver, removing the protective coating and will result in more tarnished jewellery in the long run.


Sterling Silver Jewellery By Brands

Here at Rue B we have a carefully curated collection of top silver design collections:

Rue B Silver (925)

Our own range of sterling silver is vast and eclectic, with over one thousand pieces available. We have worked tirelessly over the years to ensure every piece we attach our name to is of the highest quality. We aim to include pieces that fit every style, and throughout our Rue B 925 collection you'll find a mix of contemporary and traditional styles, from chunky, statement designs to delicate every day pieces. Range includes: sterling silver earrings, sterling silver bracelets and bangles, sterling silver necklaces, sterling silver rings and sterling silver anklets    

Banyan Silver

Banyan, a Devon based jewellery company, have set the standard for innovative design in jewellery. Over the last three years the staff at Rue B have worked closely with the expert silversmiths at Banyan to curate a collection that specialises in distinctive, bold designs and abstract, organic flowing shapes. Banyan pieces are always original; they are handmade and feature asymmetrical designs, often developed with gold, copper and brass detailing. Be sure to check our our collection of Banyan rings- you've not seen anything quite like them before! Range includes: sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver rings  

Virtue London

Virtue London are a contemporary jewellery company based in the UK. Originally known for their iconic stacking ring collection, Virtue expanded their range and became a fast favourite at Rue B. Virtue use only the highest quality components when making their jewellery, and their craftsmanship is second to none. Many pieces we have available at Rue B are also plated with gold or rose gold and feature beautiful semi precious stones, pearls or cubic zirconia. Range includes: sterling silver stacking rings, sterling silver pendants and necklacessterling silver bracelets and sterling silver earrings  


 Sea Gems: Pure Origins and Celtic Lands

Sea Gems is another fantastic UK based company, with headquarters based in the ancient, beautiful and inspiring town of Marizion in Cornwall. The buyers at Rue B have built a close relationship with the designers at Sea Gems to ensure our collection is among the best in the country, and we are proud to say we stock their most iconic collections: Pure Origins and Celtic Lands. Pure Originis a collection inspired by the natural world, with imagery such as birds, trees, insects, flowers and acorns delicately woven into each piece. Celtic Lands is influenced by the very town that is home to Sea Gems, with the artwork of ancient Irish, English, Scottish and Welsh cultures presented beautifully in the jewellery. Range includes: sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver drop earrings, sterling silver stud earrings, sterling silver chains, sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver rings  

Briolette London

  Briolette is a company based in the 'jewellery magnet of London', Hatton Garden. A relatively new collection for us at Rue B, Briolette has a dynamic and vibrant range that specialises in silver, rose gold and gold finishes. Our customers love the traditional and elegant designs of Briolette, and are often astounded at how affordable such intricately decorated pieces are. Have a look at our collection and you surely find a classic, timeless piece that never goes out of style. Range includes: sterling silver earrings, sterling silver necklaces and sterling silver bracelets  


Aviv, a jewellery designer based in Tel Aviv in Israel is one of Rue B's longest running and most successful sterling silver collection. Aviv designs are extraordinary; they are characterised by their daring use of semi precious stones and the hammered, worn look of the sterling silver. Aviv pieces are lovingly and expertly handmade and feature iridescent semi-precious stones such as garnet, moonstone, onyx, druzy and, of course, the iconic and breathtakingly beautiful blue opal. Aviv's designers are constantly experimenting with new stones and finishes to ensure they stay at the forefront of sterling silver trends. Range includes: sterling silver bracelets, sterling silver earrings, sterling silver rings, sterling silver necklaces and pendants


Sterling Silver Jewellery By Themes

Here at Rue B we know no two customers are the same, and so we strive to create a sterling silver range that caters to everybody. Throughout our eight years in business we have built an enormous sterling silver collection that accounts for everyone's taste.  

Affirmation and Quote Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right: 'Always My Daughter Now Too My Friend Sterling Silver Bangle £89.00; // 'Be Brave, Be True, Be Special, Be You' Sterling Silver Pendant & Chain £29.00; // 'Fearless' Band Sterling Silver Ring £15.00
Affirmation jewellery is quite simply a piece of jewellery with a sentimental, motivational or positive message inscribed onto it. The right saying can melt the heart of the recipient and whether you're letting a parent know how much you love them, saying 'thanks' to a wonderful friend, wishing good luck to someone special or just simply telling someone how much they mean to you, these pieces make gift buying a dream. Jewellery from our quote collection is particularly popular on occasions such as Mother's Day, Christmas, graduations, weddings, birthdays and Valentine's Day. Range includes: Sterling Silver Pendants and Necklaces, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Bracelets/Bangles and Sterling Silver Rings   

Love and Heart Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right: Sterling Silver Jigsaw Heart Pendant and Chain £23.00 // Sterling Silver Matte Finish Heart Earrings £10.90  // Sterling Silver Embossed Triple Ring £27.00
Our heart collection is one of our longest running collections and it's easy to see why: hearts are, and always will be, a huge trend for jewellery. Easy to wear and ultimately timeless, each piece of our 'Love' range is fun, elegant and chic. We work closely with designers to establish a selection that, whilst classic, takes contemporary and modern trends on board for truly one of a kind pieces. You're sure to find something to suit your style- whether you prefer Aviv and Banyan's chunky, hammered hearts or Sea Gems' delicate and dainty pieces. Range includes: Sterling Silver Pendants, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Rings and Sterling Silver Bracelets   

Floral and Flower Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right: Sterling Silver Triple Daisy Earrings £32.00 // Sterling Silver Daffodil Pendant and Chain £34.00 // Sterling Silver Three Flower Ring £11.90
Our floral jewellery is a firm favourite with staff and customers alike, due in part to it's beauty, versatility and uniqueness. Over the last few years, botanical jewellery has undergone a transformation and is no longer just seen as a traditional symbol of love; thanks to designers embracing cutting-edge styles it's also now an adorable, fun and quirky way to express your feelings and beliefs. Currently trending this season, floral jewellery helps you embrace Spring even on the coldest of days. Range includes: Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Pendants and Necklaces, Sterling Silver Bracelets and Sterling Silver Rings  

Nature and Tree of Life Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right: Sterling Silver Acorn Brass Finish Earrings £35.00 // Sterling Silver Tree of Life Pendant and Chain £26.00 // Sterling Silver Tree of Life Bangle £52.00
Here at Rue B we have a whole range of nature inspired pieces that are extraordinary, distinctive and beautiful. Many of our natural world pieces are steeped in symbolism, from acorns that represent potential and strength, to leaves that embody growth, change, renewal and regeneration. Particularly noteworthy is our 'Tree of Life' jewellery; a classic and elegant re imagining of a tree that has spiritual, religious and sentimental meaning- it expresses the connection between heaven and earth, positive energy, good health and growth. Range includes: Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Pendants and Necklaces, Sterling Silver Bracelets and Sterling Silver Rings  

Animal Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right: Sterling Silver Elephant Necklace £18.00 // Sterling Silver Daschund Earrings £7.90 // Sterling Silver Cats & Gold Heart Earrings £23.00
This range is a wonderful and whimsical array of dozens of different animals (elephants, cats, dogs, sheep, and frogs, to name but a few) created with people of every age in mind. These sterling silver designs may be cute, charming, fun and trendy but they are also glamorous, stylish and chic. Whether you want to proudly show off your favourite animal in your jewellery or decide opt for a more subtle approach with something minimal, you're guaranteed to find something you love in our animal collection. A lot of our animal sterling silver studs are quite small, and so make a perfect pair of earrings for children. Range includes: Sterling Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Pendants/ Necklaces and Sterling Silver Rings   

Bird Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right:  Hummingbird Sterling Silver Stud Earrings £15.00 // Sterling Silver Speckled Robin Pendant and Chain £24.00 // Sterling Silver Dove and Mother of Pearl Heart Drop Earrings £21.00
A division of our animal collection, the Rue B bird range features owls, swallows, hummingbirds, doves, wrens, robins and roosters. Bird jewellery is synonymous with freedom, wisdompeace and love and our selection offers a unique and on-trend twist on traditional designs. We present a collection that varies between abstract and minimalist design and intricately detailed complex pieces. Many of our sterling silver bird studs are small in size, and so make a great pair of earrings for children. Range includes: Sterling Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Pendants/ Necklaces and Sterling Silver Rings   

Insect Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right: Sterling Silver Rose Gold Bee and Honeycomb Drop Earrings £27.00 // Sterling Silver Silver and Gold Tone Bumblebee Pendant and Chain £36.00 // Silver and Gold Tone Dragonfly Sterling Silver Studs £26.00
Another department of our Animal collection, the Rue B insect range features many beautiful bee, butterfly and dragonfly pieces. Insect jewellery is significant in several ways, with bees often being associated with protection, community, brightness and personal power, butterflies with endurance, hope, change and beauty and dragonflies with strength, joy, bravery and freedom. Our selection is one of the best in the United Kingdom, with detailed pieces and abstract pieces alike, along with jewellery in a variety of finishes and tones. Range includes: Sterling Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Pendants/ Necklaces and Sterling Silver Rings   

Celtic Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right: Sterling Silver Spear Design Gold Trinity Pendant £30.00 // Sterling Silver Simple Trinity Drop Earrings £17.00 // Sterling Silver Intricate Celtic Heart Design Ring £14.00
Our Celtic jewellery range is designer-lead and is popular with tourists and locals alike. We work closely with our designers to join together a contemporary silver craftsmanship with the ancient artwork of our ancestors. Our collection is timeless and we feature everyday designs along with more elaborate, statement pieces that feature gold tones and semi-precious stones. We offer an array of ancient motifs, from the Claddagh to the Triquetra, each steeped in rich history and symbolism. We also reference our shop's own culturally rich location in the beautiful historical city of York with Viking motif jewellery.  Range includes: Sterling Silver Bracelets, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Necklaces/Pendants and Sterling Silver rings   

Glamour and Party Sterling Silver Jewellery

Left to right: Aurora Borealis Inspired Swarovski Element Heart Pendant £39.00 // Chunky Swarovski Element Bangle £95.00 // Vintage Style Crystal Teardrop Earrings £42.00 
Our party collection has been built with your most special days in mind. Whether you need wedding or engagement rings, prom jewellery or just a finishing touch to a party outfit, you'll find something here at Rue B. The majority of the sterling silver jewellery available in this range is finished with Swarovski elements, freshwater pearls or semi-precious stones, guaranteeing you the highest quality sparkle available. Popular all year round, our range is eye-catching, stunning and elegant, whether you fancy standing out from the crowd in elaborately detailed statement jewellery or just something with a hint of glamour. Range includes: Sterling Silver Pendants/Necklaces, Sterling Silver Earrings, Sterling Silver Bracelets/Bangles and Sterling Silver Rings  

Birthstone Sterling Silver Jewellery

January: Garnet (energising and regeneration)  February: Amethyst ('the sobriety stone') March: Aquamarine (courage and good fortune) April: Diamond/Cubic Zirconia (courage, hope and relationships) May: Emerald ('the poet's stone') June: Pearl/Moonstone (purity, honesty and loyalty) July: Ruby (nobility and leadership) August: Peridot (friendship and healing) September: Sapphire (prosperity and dreams) October: Opal (memory and inspiration) November: Topaz/Citrine (success and fortune) December: Turquoise (healing and stress relief)
Due to popular demand, here at Rue B we have created a beautiful range of jewellery for those seeking their birthstones. According to crystal healers, wearing the birthstone associated with your month of birth offers you magical healing powers and good luck. In recent times birthstone jewellery has become a fun and quirky way of expressing your identity. Birthstone jewellery is timeless and makes a wonderful birthday present. We have a wide range of