Star Buys: Sterling Silver Studs

Star Buys: Sterling Silver Studs
Here at Rue B, our carefully curated selection of sterling silver stud earrings is immense, and one of our most popular collections. With nearly 300 designs available on our website, you can be sure that you'll find the perfect pair for any occasion. Our range of 925 sterling silver studs all feature secure butterfly fastenings and are all hypoallergenic and 100% nickel free.
Keep reading to view our star buys and bestselling stud earrings from each of our sterling silver categories. For our entire sterling silver stud collection, please click here. 

Animals, Birds, Insects

Quirky and adorable, this pair of sterling silver studs feature two Dachshund puppies, otherwise known as 'sausage dogs'. Perfect for dog lovers of all ages, these earrings measure approximately 9mm by 4mm and are an absolute bargain at £7.90. For more dog-related jewellery, please click here. Great for cat lovers, these sterling silver stud earrings feature a sitting cat with a gold plated heart on its tum! The earrings measure approximately 9mm by 4mm and are perfect for everyday wear. For more cat-related jewellery, please click here.  Show your solidarity with the bees with this beautiful pair of sterling silver stud earrings. Each stud features a chunky but delicate 3D bee design, finished with brushed silver and gold plating. Bee symbols have risen in popularity in the last few years, due to their importance to life on earth, and are a great symbol of hard work, loyalty and family. These earrings measure approximately 10mm by 10mm. For more bee related jewellery, including matching items for these earrings, please click here. These tiny but beautiful studs are ideal for those who love nature and birdwatching. The earrings feature an adorable bird in flight, with hearts for wings. The earrings are finished with brushed silver for an elegant everyday effect. Each earrings measures approximately 10mm by 4mm. For more bird related jewellery, please click here.  For the rest of our animal, bird and insect sterling silver selection, please click here. 


  Beautiful heart sterling silver stud earrings with a unique cut-out effect, perfect for the graphic trend this season. Designed for everyday wear, these earrings are finished with a shine for a real statement. Suitable for all ages, the earrings measure approximately 12mm in diameter. These adorable studs feature two delicate hearts, surrounded by two tone sterling silver. The darkness of the sterling silver in the centre ensures the hearts stand out, making a great pair of everyday statement earrings. The studs measure approximately 8mm in diameter. This pair of earrings feature two heart cut outs in the centre of the stud. The two tone effect of the earring makes this the perfect pair for everyday wear. Measuring at approximately 8mm in diameter, they are suitable for any age. For the rest of our heart sterling silver collection, please click here. 

Flora and Fauna 

A very cute pair of sterling silver stud earrings, with a 'tree of life' design in the centre. The 'tree of life' is a very popular symbol, said to symbolise spiritual growth. The earrings measure approximately 7mm by 7mm- small enough for all ages. For more 'Tree of Life' related jewellery, please click here.  These acorn earrings are perfect for those who love a touch of rose gold! The earrings are chunky but delicate, finished with rose gold plating and brushed sterling silver. Acorns are a beautiful symbol, often carrying the meaning of new life. At just 9mm by 4mm, these earrings are ideal for all ages. For more acorn-related jewellery, please click here. These dainty earrings depict a sterling silver daffodil, with a rose gold plated centre. The daffodil has long been the symbol of friendship and happiness, and so these make a great gift for a loved one! The earrings measure approximately 13mm in diameter. For more daffodil related jewellery, please click here. For more flora and fauna related jewellery, please click here. 


These earrings form the Celtic 'Triquetra' symbol, which is a three cornered Celtic knot pattern. The Triquetra, or 'trinity knot' most often represents the Holy Trinity in the Christian Church, but other cultures attach different meanings to it, such as earth, wind and water. These earrings depict the knot itself beautifully, and are finished with an oxidised, darkened effect for an antique look. For more of our triquetra jewellery, please click here.  Gorgeous stud earrings depicting the Celtic 'Claddagh' symbol. The Claddagh symbol is often interpreted to mean love, with each part of the symbol holding important meaning. The hands represent friendship, the heart represents romance and the crown represents loyalty. These earrings make a perfect gift for a loved one, and measure approximately 10mm by 10mm. For more of our Claddagh related products, including matching items, please click here. As our shop is based in York, the historical Viking capital of Jorvik, we feel an affinity with these adorable Viking Longboat stud earrings! They make a great souvenir or gift for those who love York! The studs measure approximately 11mm by 11mm. For our matching pendant, please click here. For the rest of our Celtic collection, please click here. 


Featuring genuine Swarovski Crystals, these iridescent studs are ideal for adding a touch of glamour to any outfit. Although small, the earrings certainly pack a punch with their stunning sparkle. They measure approximately 10mm by 10mm and are surrounded by high quality 925 sterling silver. Also available in pale pink- please click here.  Let your inner princess out with these gorgeous crown stud earrings. The earrings are delicately encrusted with lots of tiny but very sparkly crystals, and at just 10mm by 10mm they are suitable for royalty of all ages! For more crown-related products, please click here. Truly showstopping, these beautiful studs are inspired by the Art Deco movement. The earrings are delicately crafted into a teardrop shape, and are encrusted with incandescent crystals. They measure approximately 9mm by 9mm and so can be worn day to day for effortless glamour. For more Art Deco inspired pieces, please click here. For our entire Crystal collection, please click here.

All jewellery from Rue B is hypoallergenic and nickel free- and always will be!

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