Animal and bird themed sterling silver: cute as a button and still classy as hell.

Animal and bird themed sterling silver: cute as a button and still classy as hell.
Welcome to our sterling silver animal and bird themed collection of 925 silver jewellery. Here you will find an array of unusual and interesting 925 sterling silver designs featuring all your favourite animals and birds, such as owls, doves and swallows, Sausage dogs as well as rabbits, cats and even sheep! We also have an array of insect jewellery, including bumblebees, butterflies and dragonflies and creepy crawlies. RueB has been selling Sterling silver jewellery in York since 2002 and with its New showroom and store situated right in the very heart of the historic City of York we have a huge numger of visitors often straying in to see us from a visit to York Minster just a few feet away from our door. Come in and you will find thousands of pieces of Sterling silver and Fashion jewellery many of wich are hand made and all of wich are amazing quality desipte their reasonable price. york-rue-b-pure-orrigins-sterling-silver-jewellery There's sure to be something here for anyone with a taste for whimsy and the unusual. Our animal range has jewellery created by all of our favourite designers, which means that we have every style imaginable, from cute and cartoony designs to more abstract grown up shapes. All jewellery in this category is 925  hallmarked sterling silver. Sterling silver pendants are sent with an 18" chain, but shorter styles are available upon request. Let's be honest, we all love animals so you can never really go wrong with something cute (and otherwise fluffy) hanging on the end of your sterling silver chain or adorning your delicate lobes. Here at Rue B we have such a variety of sterling silver  options that it's almost impossible not to get hold of what sterling silver you're after, with every sterling silver option you would need to choose from to match your outfits and/or tastes. The sterling silver sausage dog (dachshund)  earrings are a personal favourite.sterling-silver-dashhound-dog-earring-studs-new-dog We also hold a huge, stunning selection of sterling silver dragon fly themed jewellery. Whether your into plain sterling silver, gold or colourful jewellery, we will have the sterling silver dragonflies to suit you. dsc_0007-jewellers-dragonfly-bracelet-silverp2846ps_sterling_silver_dragonflies_with_shell_3 p1239_sterling_silver_gold_dragonfly_pendant_1

Sterling Silver Jewellery: Hammered Round Owl Drop Earrings (e242)

  Our sterling silver hammered round owl drop earrings, are one of the most popular in the wide range of sterling silver animal/bird jewellery. These sterling silver owl drop earrings have a lovely hammered affect to them, alongside the heart in the middle which makes these sterling silver owl drop earrings cute and delicate.   0a0a-p2193-sterling-silver-owl-drops

Pure Origins Sterling Silver Jewellery: Beautiful Tree Pendant with Gold Birds (N10)

p2813_silver_tree_life_gold_birds_pendant_1 The beautiful and delicate, sterling silver tree pendant with gold birds is a favourite for many people. The sterling silver tree pendant is a very delicate piece, which is finished off with a touch of gold. You can finish your look with the matching sterling silver tree earrings which are shown below. . p2814_sterling_silver_gold_tree_birds_earrings_1Sterling Silver Jewellery: Silver and Gold Tree Earrings                                                                                                                                                  with Birds (E346) dsc_0069-sterling-silver-elephant-ring

Quirky Sterling Silver Jewellery: Elephant Design Ring

An unusal ring which with a repeated elephant motif. The height of the ring is 6mm and is ideal for stacking with other rings. If the size you require isn't available please let us know by calling the shop and we'll see if it's possible to special order your size- this can take 2-4 weeks. Sadly, not all rings will be available in all sizes. This item can be giftboxed. Free delivery on all standard UK orders!

Sterling Silver Jewellery: Cute Cat with Gold Heart Pendant

p2882_silver-gold-cat-with-heart-pendant_1 Cats have long been a favorite here at RueB and this cute sitting cat with a gold heart is no exception, habnd made by Pure Origins sterling silver collection. 925 Sterling Silver Gold Plated Detail 18" Chain 14mm Pendant Unique cat design Pendants. A great present for the cat lover inyour life! Cats are symbols of mystery and change. Sold on an 18" silver chain- Please contact us to request smaller or longer styles, or for an adjustable length chain. Original handmade jewellery by Sea Gems for their Pure Origins range. Sea Gems is a Cornish company that draws inspiration for their beautiful jewellery design from the natural world and British heritage. We pack all sterling silver jewellery in one of our Rue B of York giftboxes and an organza pouch. All standard orders are delivered free.   sterling-silver-love-bird-necklace-bird-heart-pendant-necklace

Sterling Silver Birds on Branch Necklace

A very sweet necklace in the design of two birds sitting on a twig branch  with two little dangly heart charms. This necklace is 16" long and has a 2" extension chain. Fitted with a secure lobster clasp.
Rue B sterling silver jewellery is packed into one of our lovely range of giftboxes, and includes a jewellery care card. Standard orders are delivered free of charge!

Sterling Silver Jewellery: Textured Chubby Bumblebee Pendant

  p2608_sterling_silver_textured_round_bumblebee_pendant_3_1 Made of 100% 925 sterling silver Sold on an 18" chain Pendant measures approximately 12mm Round, textured bumblebee design pendant Matching item available Handmade by Sea Gems for their Pure Origins range of natural designs. Bumblebees are associated with industriousness, loyalty and family. The popularity of the bee symbol has risen in recent years as their importance to life on earth has become more widely understood. All sterling silver sold by Rue B of York is packed in a quality gift box and comes with a silver jewellery care card. All standard orders are delivered free of charge!